Carrie Bradshaw & Her Fashion Quote

Carrie Bradshaw & Her Fashion Quote

Carrie Bradshaw is a famous fashion designer. She has designed clothes for many famous people. She was the creative force behind the creation of the Baby Phat brand. Recently, she has ventured into clothing for women who are not necessarily in the limelight. Her fashion statements have won her many fans.

fashion quotes carrie bradshaw


There are some who have compared her fashion sense to that of Versace. The lines and colors of her clothing are a stark contrast to the flashy designs of Versace. However, it does not mean that the designs will be viewed as trashy by fashion-conscious women. Rather, it is a clever move on her part. The cut and style of her clothing perfectly match with the image she wants to portray.


If you want to follow her example then you can learn a lot from Carrie Bradshaw. The success of her clothing line was due to her wise choice of fashion statements. In many instances, one would not have guessed that such a woman has come from a modest background. Her bold fashion statements have won her many fans. In fact, many have expressed surprise that she has become one of the most successful female designers.


If you are aware that Carrie Bradshaw has a degree in Fashion Marketing, then you must know that she uses fashion quotes in her marketing campaign. She uses fashion statements as a tool to explain her concept. Fashion is one of the most dynamic mediums when it comes to advertising. A perfect combination of images and words is what is needed to communicate the message properly.


If you watch any of her shows on TV, you will observe that she interacts with the camera with enthusiasm and zeal. The enthusiasm and passion that she shows are quite infectious. In many cases, you can see her face light up with a smile as she is explaining something. This enthusiasm that comes out of Carrie’s mouth is very infectious and it gets the audience to participate in the conversation.


One of the fashion quotes that strikes you as very funny is “The best things in life are not free.” This is one of the most famous lines that has been quoted by many successful people. In fact, there is no one who has not said this. Especially at the early stage of their careers, many of them have said this line and then went on to achieve great success. Carrie Bradshaw understands the importance of enthusiasm and passion when it comes to fashion. This is one reason why she has a collection of posters of her fashion creations.


It is said that you should not let fashion controls your life. You should be free to follow your heart and style. There are many people who get into fashion only to forget their values and principles of life. In many occasions, it has been seen that those who have gone into fashion for earning money end up as spinsters.


The thing is that you cannot always buy what you like. There are many things that are not suitable for fashion. In the movies, there is one fashion model who has a big belly but wears low-cut pants because these are the ones that do not flatter her figure. This is an example of how fashion can be misused.


It is not only the clothes that people wear that matter. Many fashion quotes show that certain styles and trends must be accepted as they are. These are dictated by the current social situation and how people feel about them. Some might like to have a black outfit while some might not. The same principles apply to fashion as well.


There are many young people who are passionate about fashion. They spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories. They spend more than what is needed to buy quality items. This is not wise. The market is full of imitation products and fakes. This is why a fashion statement made by someone can be completely different from that of someone else.


Carrie Bradshaw is a role model for many people. Her bold statements and opinions have made her famous. Many youngsters admire her for her boldness in fashion. It is said that she has inspired many youngsters to follow in her footsteps. It is her individuality and her views on fashion that makes her a celebrity.

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